REDDIE, Chatbot for Town Planning assistance

Completing the REDD Services for real estate is REDDIE, the automated online real estate consulting service for answering questions on the complex urban planning and construction matter.

There are 3 virtual assistants in REDD:

ITALIAN REDDIE answers questions of a national nature.

Recently a specific database has been created for REDDIE ROME and REDDIE MILAN, which answer questions about the regulations in force in Rome and Milan.

When the virtual assistant is unable to answer, the question scales to a human operator who, in addition to transmitting the answer to the user, updates and makes the REDDIE database faster and more complete for future users.


The service is available by subscription. Don’t miss the free trial until the 31st December!
At the end of the trial period, you can switch to the paid version (50€/month).

Immediately submit to REDDIE your doubts on the subject of real estate regulations!