CompaREDD is a specific solution for overlapping and analyzing plans thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Overlap the plans is a fundamental operation to to detect any building abuses. However, the difference in formats and scales of the graphics often makes the operation impossible.

CompaREDD is a software created to overlap cadastral plans and building projects (plans, sections and elevations) in a few clicks, even if in different format and scale. With this tool, you can identifiy building discrepancies and abuses quickly.

A non-compliant plan plan may need a building amnesty and/or a cadastral regularization. In our experience, building constructions often disregard the permits. In these cases, the cadastral plans do not correspond with the current building state, sometimes preventing to sell its property or in any case reducing its value.

CompaREDD service is actually the most advanced, professional and fastest solution for the plans overlap and archiving.

What about CompaREDD

Organizeredd 1
1 CompaREDD

The process involves the digitization and the overlap of the first building plan (original title) with the current cadastre, after querying the cadastral documents.

Organizeredd 1
2 CompaREDD

AAfter its detection,​ the current building state is acquired through the software,. The two floor plans are overlapped.

Organizeredd 1
3 CompaREDD

Placing four identical points on the two plans to be compared, the system immediately identifies and highlights the discrepancies between them.

Organizeredd 1
Organizeredd 3

Once the discrepancies have been identified, the service will search among
the available data if there are building permits which justify them, proceeding to further overlaps.


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