OrganizeREDD reorganizes your Real Estate documents thanks to the Artificial Intelligence.

OrganizeREDD is a service that allows you to manage the Real Estate documents quickly and totally safely. Cadastral certificates and plans, corrections of cadastral data, projects relatied to building construction, purchase agreement and systems certifications, lease agreements… all documents are dematerialized through optical scanning, organised in a digital data room and analyzed.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence and the fifty-year experience of those who educated it, REDD makes essential information immediately available and produces digital reports which simplify the analysis and allow the intelligent archiving of Real Estate documents. 

OrganizeREDD is currenlty the most innovative, professional and secure solution for digital storage and management of paper documents.

Who is OrganizeREDD for


Large Real Estate Management Companies need to verify that their portfolio is free from old building abuses and/or that these are remediable.
A Real Estate Due Diligence requires time, money and patience.
Therefore, Real estate buyers and sellers need a well-organized digital data room with summary reports of the documents, to understand which ones are missing.


Notary, lawyer, technician (architect, engineer, surveyor) and the Real Estate agency can not do their job well without a data room query according to customized parameters.


Banks, Asset Management Companies and NPL and UTP service providers, need to query large quantities of documents quickly and cheaply.


In the municipal archives, searching documents takes a lot of time, especially considering the new deductions provided by the SismabonusEcobonus e Superbonus regulation. Thanks to the documents digitization, the research process for the Municipal Technical Offices is simplified and accelerated.

​Each customer gets a “custom made” report, tailored to the needs of the Real Estate manager, whether owner, buyer or service provider.

What about OrganizeREDD

Organizeredd 1
Organizeredd 1

It scans and analyzes all documents automatically

Organizeredd 1
Organizeredd 2

It identify the fundamental information and parameters of each document thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Organizeredd 1
Organizeredd 3

It organizes the asset documentation into macro-categories and sub-categories, extrapolating the most important information to speed up the analysis process

Organizeredd 1
Organizeredd 4

It provides a summary digital report useful to search, filter and sort data and documents according to the most suitable criteria for your business.


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