REDD’s services can be very useful to lending banks and operators who carry out the works directly on behalf of the clients.

To verify the town planning compliance of a property for its eligibility for incentives, it is necessary at least:


Original building permit


Survey of the state of fact


Expertise of a technician

These are few documents, which however have to be analyzed for many properties. Multiplying the approximately 15 thousand Superbonus operations requested as of May 17th, 2021 by the minimum number of documents necessary, we are already at about 45 thousand documents to be analyzed in Italy for this case.


The customer, be it a Lending Bank of the Superbonus or other tax Bonuses, or a Construction Company, an Architect or a Surveyor,, turns to REDD for the automatic analysis of the documentary set concerning the properties of interest.

The software analyzes the documents in the data room and extrapolates the relevant information

REDD through its tools quickly verifies the town planning compliance of the property, a fundamental requirement to benefit from the tax advantage


The customer obtains thesummary report of the data room and the report town planning and building situation for the usability of the Superbonus for each property and / or for their portfolio.


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