In the field of non-performing loans, REDD has instructed artificial intelligence to recognize and extract information from fundamental documents to assess the recoverability of the credits, such as:


Court appointed expert witnesses


Sales alerts


Mortgage Contract


Mortgage deeds

In addition to different types of cadastral documents that can accompany the debt position.
The artificial intelligence of our tools is able to extract the essential information for the Customer, dematerializing the documents and producing a digital report, identical to the one originally produced manually, thus simplifying the document analysis and its management, generating considerable savings.

REDD produces files in csv, xls and xlsx format that can be uploaded to the management systems used for credit recovery, in order to automatically populate all the required information (debtor name, credit amount, NDG, etc.).

The most advanced solution for those who have to analyze a few documents multiplied by many properties.


A leading debt collection company  has commissioned REDD to analyze fundamental documents to evaluate the recoverability of non-performing loans, for each position: CTU (expert reports drawn up by technicians appointed by a judge) and ADV (sales notices).

REDD analysts have trained the software to extrapolate the desired information and automatically generate a digital report, replacing what was previously obtained only by copying by hand from the documents, with great use of time.  Indicatively, with REDD’s tools for each position the process of extracting information takes 5 minutes, when manually it took entire days.

The documentary analysis thus speeded up, in addition to producing a saving of time and costs, allows the Customer to focus on the final conclusions of the work, that is to evaluate whether or not to participate in the auction or if there are legal risks on the repossessing operation.


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