The municipal archives are saturated with paper building practices, difficult to find for municipal employees and for the private individual who wishes to access them. In a municipality of about 5000 inhabitants, for example, there are about 5000 building practices. Manually extracting information is impossible in a reasonable time and at low cost, which can be dealt with by a small municipality.

REDD analysts, through sophisticated electronic devices capable of acquiring paper formats of all sizes (from A4 sheets to Ao tables), convert building files into digital format.


REDD’s help

  • A huge amount of documents re stored in a digital archive for quick reference
  • A summary report of all the information contained in the building practices is generated
  • This speeds up the provision of public services and simplifies relations between citizens and the Public Administration


In the municipal archives of Sutri a sample of documents was digitalized and all the most important information were extracted. 

This way, the time of access to the documents to request a building title filed with the Municipality has been
drastically reduced.

BEFORE – 3 months

Average time taken by municipalities to search for documents in archives

REDD Processo Archivi Comunali

AFTER – about 1 minute

Time required to query the database

The municipal employee will only have to query the new digital archive, directly download the file of interest and send it by email to the citizen.


REDD’s help goes beyond simple digitization.

Artificial intelligence is able to extract a lot of information: the applicant, the cadastral identifiers, the address of the property, protocol number… The extraction of many information allows the Municipality to have many advantages and to also simplify complex cases, for example changes of ownership, cadastral changes, etc.

Another advantage for the Municipality is to be able to plan future urban reforms using the big data extracted from the documents. In fact, filtering by zones, addresses, cadastral sheets, etc., you get a lot of information such as the date of construction of the houses, recent works and much more.

In this way, knowing the state of the properties of a given sector, the Municipality can make targeted interventions by areas.


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