REDD digitalizes entire sets of documents concerning both real estate development projectsand of and existing buildings, large or small, for the purpose of validating the documentary set.

The division of documents into folders alone does not help the work of technicians and lawyers. In order to consult the files, you will need to read them manually one by one.

The artificial intelligence software extrapolates all the relevant town planning and building information and / or requested by the customer and merges it into a summary report, with the indication of the path to retrieve the document within the vast data room.

The report allows you to filter and sort documents according to the desired criteria.
Using the extracted information, a questionnair is automatically completed, regarding the completeness or otherwise of the documentary set and a score is assigned to the documentation.

​REDD’s services for customers with many documents for a few properties return a report that:


Simplifies the analysis of the documentary set

Shortens the timing of the operation

Generates significant economic savings

REDD Business Case


A Banking Institute has commissioned REDD to digitize the entire documentary set of a real estate development project: about 20,000 documents related to 3 projects.

The artificial intelligence and a specific technical and legal team enabled to analyze the documents in about 30 days and elaborate a summary file through which today all the different teams working on the project can search for the documentation of interest.

Being able to extract from the documents various information with customizable parameters, it is also possible to cross them. In this particular case, it was even possible to trace a document of the Capitoline Superintendency otherwise unobtainable due to the lack of a protocol number, thanks to the description acquired digitally.


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