You have to buy a house and don’t know which documents you need? Redd suggests which they are.

When you buy a house or when you want to sell it, the first thing to do is to check which documents you have available.

If you are the owner, you will have to put your hand to that box where you put the “papers” of your property.

If, on the other hand, you are a potential buyer, you will have to request the documents from the potential seller (who will show ample signs of impatience, because there has never been the doubt that so much information is needed!).

The documents listed below are listed in the order of eight logical categories, which you will find in our questionnaire after.

DOCUMENTS ON REAL RIGHTS (OWNERSHIP OR ENJOYMENT): deeds, notarial reports, preliminary contracts, transcription notes, historical non-notarial reports, etc.

CADASTRAL DOCUMENTS: floor plans and cadastral surveys.

P.P.S. (FLOOR PLANS – PROSPECTS – SECTIONS) attached to certificates of viability and / or fire prevention, deeds of origin, building amnesties, building permits, original projects, licenses, state of affairs, etc.

FIRST PLANT PROJECT WITH INDICATION OF THE INTENDED USE or an approved renovation project that provides for structural and plant innovation.

PERMISSIONS TO BUILD AND USE: self-certification of viability, certificate of viability, fire prevention, static testing, end of work communication, ASL opinion, opinion of the competent Authorities on the constraints, Authorization to build, pending or issued amnesties, etc.

PLANTS AND ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Energy performance certificate (A.P.E.), Plant conformity certificate, Single plant booklet, etc.

URBAN REGULATION, CONSTRAINTS AND LIMITATIONS: Acts of obligation transcribed or not, of mortgage, easement, summons, communion, origin, urban destination, Extract of urban plans and programs, private deeds, extracts of PRG and / or NTA.


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