Real estate and building documents, in Italy and Abroad.

Asset management companies (SGR) are well aware that reporting to the Bank of Italy requires intense compilation work which is often done manually. REDD has dedicated human and financial resources to the development of an innovative methodology that allows you to manage real estate portfolios with maximum automation through a process that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning systems and which then leads to a management platform that uses Blockchain technology. The acronym Real EstateDD, normally stands for Real Estate Due Diligence. For us, it means Real Estate Data and Documents. The evaluation of the document kit is the process that verifies the completeness of the information, extrapolates data from archived documents as well as reorganizing them. The management of real estate practices, therefore, becomes simple and the search for missing data is done promptly and constitutes the first step in real estate enhancement. A property that has all the documents is worth more than a property, with identical characteristics, in which it is not possible to carry out a risk analysis due to lack of documentation. The risk analysis report will then be automatically completed and updated periodically. The issue relating to the documentation of properties is particularly relevant in Italy but it constitutes a minimum common denominator in other countries as well. Soon REDD will be able to carry out risk analysis reports also in different jurisdictions and, in particular, in Luxembourg, in consideration of whether that is the preferred jurisdiction for the establishment of a harmonized OICR or not.

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