Organizeredd: manage your real estate documents with artificial intelligence

Born from an idea of ​​the lawyer Riccardo Delli Santi, dean of Italian real estate law, since 2018 we have been training artificial intelligence on a daily basis to apply it to real estate documents.

The constant interaction between man and machine and the meticulous work of the first on the second have given rise to OrganizeREDD, an offline real estate management system aimed at managing and organizing numerous real estate documents in an automatic, fast and secure way. This, thanks to the use of powerful and exclusive technological tools, able to ensure maximum precision.

The versatility of OrganizeREDD makes this service usable both by large companies and professionals, in the field of Real Estate Management and, therefore, in the management and enhancement of assets, as well as by individuals, in sales, leases, renovations, etc.

Whether it is complex real estate transactions, such as the valuation of assets as collateral for impaired loans, or common personal investments, such as the purchase of a first home, the properties are always accompanied by a documentary kit, more or less complex to depending on their size. For this reason, regardless of how many and what documents there are, having an organized data room is the starting point for an accurate real estate due diligence and, therefore, for a successful operation.

In fact, notaries, lawyers, planners, real estate agencies, as well as banks, asset management companies and service providers of NPLs and UTPs cannot do their job well without an orderly set of documents. land registry surveys and requests for cadastral plans, correction of cadastral data, projects and building interventions and possible amnesty of old abuses cannot be separated from an in-depth mapping of the real estate documents.

 Putting hand to the papers accumulated over time or searching for one among thousands offiles in the archives requires, however, a lot of patience. OrganizeREDD simplifies this operation and allows you to obtain a complete overview of the data room, easy to consult.

The documents are, in fact, loaded into the real estate management software, instructed to divide them into macro-categories and sub-categories, analyze the content and extract the desired information.

In a few clicks it is possible to obtain a practical summary report of the real estate documents and the salient information present in them, in the form of a table.

In addition to managing substantial documentation, companies are almost always called upon to issue standardized documents, such as, for example, reports, reports or analysis reports.

In cases like these, OrganizeREDD is able to generate, always automatically, highly customized outputs based on the needs of the real estate manager, be it owner, buyer or service provider.

Therefore, you instantly get a report identical, in terms of content and layout, to the one usually compiled with considerable expenditure of time, money and resources.

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