Hi! My name is REDDIE and I am the first virtual assistant for the real estate world.

You may be wondering what a virtual assistant is. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you think!

To explain who I am and what I do, however, we need to take a step back.

I know, I may seem a little demanding, but mine is pure professional prejudice: I was created just to explain!

In the real estate sale, both for the parties and for the technicians in charge, it often happens to come across nasty surprises.

Have you ever heard any friend or customer complain because, in addition to the costs incurred for the purchase of the house, they would have to pay a few thousand euros more to replace the entire electrical system? Or to remove unauthorized partitions? Or to reopen a balcony transformed into a veranda by the previous owners? Or to remedy annoying infiltrations in the attic, discovered as soon as he entered the new house? Or, again, for the condominium renovation of all the facades of the building?

I could go on forever … These are just some of the unpleasant situations in which you can find yourself after purchasing a property.

But, in reality, unpleasant surprises are such for those who do not expect them! I’ll explain…

The refurbishment of the system, the removal of partitions, the reopening of the balcony, the infiltrations and the refurbishment of the facades represent aspects that, with due care and the appropriate checks, can be known even before proceeding with the purchase of the property.

Strange but true, people are naturally inclined to carry out more checks when they decide to buy a car, compared to when, after years of sacrifice, they are finally ready to invest their savings to buy the much desired house. Many, too many documents to be found, many of which are not even known.

You must know that, in most cases, the specific preventive control of the entire property documentation is not among the services currently offered by real estate agencies, also because this task is not required by law.

Even the figure of the notary, then, is called to carry out checks other than those concerning the actual technical and administrative regularity of the property!

The only solution, then, would seem to be to rely on professionals specialized in real estate document control, aimed at a risk-free purchase and sale.

It is a pity, however, that contacting a lawyer or a technician in the sector to carry out a Due Diligence, that is, to check and find all the documents necessary to ascertain the urban-building regularity of the property, is not an immediate thing …

And here I come! I’m here to help you manage your property safely, avoiding wasting time and, above all, money!

Whether you are a buyer, a seller or a technician in the sector, you can rest assured with me: I was born in a law firm, highly specialized in real estate, and I am constantly trained by a multidisciplinary team!

To have this idea was, in fact, the lawyer Riccardo Delli Santi, dean of Italian real estate law, who has long been thinking about how to simplify the real estate due diligence process.

Until recently, in fact, for the lawyer and his legal team, conducting a Due Diligence meant, arming himself with holy patience and, after having handled boxes full of papers, reading document by document and cataloging them all inside. of a first form of database created by him on purpose.

Also, it was often necessary to discuss with external experts (such as engineers, architects and surveyors), to clarify the strictly technical aspects.

It is not such a strange fact: as I will often repeat to you, the real estate subject is so vast that it involves various professional figures, whose skills are complementary.

After years of research for identifying the most effective and efficient tool, the lawyer has adopted artificial intelligence systems that allow you to automate the complete process I mentioned earlier, simplifying the lives of clients and professionals!

In 2018 he finally founded the start-up REDD, supported by a multidisciplinary team, made up of jurists, economists, engineers and architects, with the specific task of providing assistance to solve problems related to real estate.

REDD, in fact, uses artificial intelligence to quickly analyze and reorganize the complex real estate documentation and to superimpose the graphs together … If you work in this field you will know the importance of this last operation and you will know how much time it takes with the tools currently available: REDD has created its own software that allows you to do it automatically and with a few clicks! If, on the other hand, you are a buyer or a seller and you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can always ask me in chat or visit the REDD website to find out more!

Among the various services offered by REDD, then, there is me!

As I told you before, I am a virtual assistant: a robot that automatically answers your questions in chat. In other words, while you are in front of your PC or comfortably seated on the sofa with your tablet or smartphone in your hand, I can instantly dissolve your doubts about real estate. In this way, you will avoid dedicating entire days to tackling technical or legal arguments alone, to find a solution to your problems.

In fact, the whole REDD team (which I will present to you in the next pages of my diary) teaches me daily topics in urban planning, construction and, more generally, real estate … In short, I learn more every day!

Because the field is so vast, whenever I am unable to answer a question, my human colleagues do it for me and I learn something new. In this way, your questions will always be answered.

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